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David Haye's Knockout 2.0

Following its smash-hit success, ‘David Haye’s Knockout’ is back with a vengeance and it’s bigger and better than ever before! The chart-topping iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game has stormed the App Store and is available to buy now!

In ‘David Haye’s Knockout’, former WBA World Heavyweight Champion, David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye is even more ferocious and fiercely hell-bent on obliterating his new opponents.

Taking no prisoners, the brand spanking new game is faster, ruthlessly bloody and action-packed with lots of new moves, punches and combinations.

All set to get a brutal beating, three new competitors go toe-to-toe with Haye. First in the ring is the unrecognisable and oafish charger ‘D. Boy’; followed by the sharp and exciting ‘Big Bro’; and the final challenger, ready to face the mighty Haye, is the tough and tricky ‘Little Bro’!

‘David Haye’s Knockout’ demands a cunning strategy, dangerous tactics and an evasive game-plan to outwit the rivals, claim the shiny cabinet of pristine trophies and ultimately get the championship belt back! Armed with loads of taunts, rooting fans and callous tricks up his sleeve, Haye is a lean and mean fighting machine ready to blow the head off of every enemy that gets in his way!

Show your friends and foes you’re the boss in the global leader board, grab the gory Game Center achievements and, through rich Retina graphics and High Definition, enjoy smashing your opponents’ faces in.



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Grubby Hands Limited is an independent games company, best known for their chart-topping iPhone title: ‘David Haye’s Knockout’.

In May 2011, the one-man studio was founded by the Company Director Dr Danny Pearce: taking on the role of programmer, games-designer, artist and animator. Pearce was a Senior Programmer at Activision’s Bizarre Creations where he worked on multi-platform titles: ‘The Club’, ‘Blur’ and ‘James Bond 007: Blood Stone’. In February 2011 Activision decided to close the studio down, after which Pearce set up Grubby Hands.

On 10 June 2011 Grubby Hands released their first iPhone game: ‘David Haye’s Knockout’. ‘David Haye’s Knockout’ immediately topped the iPhone App Store Charts: reaching #1 in the Sports Chart, #3 in the Action Chart, #5 in the Games Chart and #8 in the App Chart.